Generate More Revenue with your Marketing Dashboard.

Your Marketing Dashboard is everything you need to track your marketing analytics, interact with clients and potential clients, manage your reviews and reputation, invoice and bill customers, set appointments, and so much more…

  • Increase Monthly Revenue.

  • Track Your Marketing Analytics.

  • Easily Interact with Clients and Potential Clients.

  • Set Appointments, Follow-Ups, and Manage your Calendar.

  • Invoice and Bill Customers Easily with Online Payments.

  • Get More 5 Star Reviews and Manage your Online Reputation.

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Get more of the clients you want and generate more revenue each month with your custom Marketing Dashboard.

Generate Revenue

Generate More Revenue.

Your Marketing Dashboard is a powerful tool that saves you more time and generates you more money by streamlining the process of onboarding and billing new and current clients. View all of your potential clients in one place and use your Marketing Dashboard to convert them in to paying customers.

  • Automatically Add New Prospects to your Contacts List.

  • Sort New Incoming Leads by Priority and Dollar Value.

  • Easily Message Clients on Multiple Platforms (Test Message, Email, Facebook, Google Business Message, etc...).

  • Schedule Follow-Ups and Automatically Add them to your Calendar.

Get More Clients. Manage All Your Prospects in One Place.

Manage all of your contacts, conversations, and priorities all in one place. Quickly go through your prospects and send them Emails, Text Messages, Facebook Messages, Google Business Messages and convert them in to paying customers.

Easily add follow up calls and meetings to your Calendar so you never miss another chance to bring on new customers and generate more revenue. Connect your Google Business account and Facebook account to aggregate all of your new potential clients in to one place.

  • Easily Email, Text, Facebook Message, and Google Business Message all your new incoming potential clients.

  • Utlize your Marketing Dashboard Calendar to follow up with your prospects.

  • Automatically add all incoming prospects to your Marketing Dasboard Contacts List.

  • Organize your prospects by value and where they are in the billing process.

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Dashboard Google and Facebook Analytics

Valuable Customer Analytics.

View and manage all of your marketing and customer analytics directly in your Marketing Dashboard. View how many incoming prospects you currently have and see the monetary value of clients and potential clients.

Check out your monthly analytics for your Google Business account to see how many prospects are finding you on Google, how many calls you are getting, website visits, total searches/impressions and so much more.

Accept Online Payments Easily.

Bill your clients via Credit Card or Paypal quickly and easily with your Payments section of your Marketing Dashboard. Send payment links by Email, Text Message, or Facebook Message and your clients can instantly pay you in just a few clicks. Clients who have their credit card information on their phone already can make one click payments without having to entier in any information.

  • Easily Accept Credit Cards and Paypal

  • Send Payment Links to Clients via Email and Text Message

  • One Click Payments for Easy Billing

  • Create Re-Usable Products to Bill a Wide Range of Customers

  • Create Subcription Products to Automatically Bill Clients Weekly, Monthly, or Annually

Create re-usable Products on your Payments page for services that you offer to a wide range of customers. Create subscription products to (Automatic Recurring Billing) to automatically bill your clients on a certain day of the month, week, or year. Save time and bill people faster by utilizing your products page.

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Dashboard Google and Facebook reviews

Online Reviews Management.

Manage all of your Google Business and Facebook reviews in one simple and easy to use Dashboard. Easily send out “Review Requests” to encourage happy customers to leave you 5 Star Reviews. View and respond to all of your online reviews in once place. View and manage your reviews analytics to look for opportunities for improvement.

  • View all of your Reviews in once Dashboard.

  • Send “Review Requests” to get more 5 Star Reviews.

  • Easily Respond to all of your Reviews.

  • Manager your Reviews Analytics.

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